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Knowledge introduction and precautions for eye bolts

The eye bolt refers to the part that the nut and the bolt or screw are screwed together for fastening, and it is an original part that all production machinery must use. The eye bolts are commonly used fixing pendants in engineering. There is a thread under the nut, which can be drilled according to its different specifications and fixed with a screw.

1. When the ring is deformed visible to the naked eye, it should be scrapped.
2. When lifting, accompanied by increased acceleration or impact, a load smaller than the used load must be selected.
3. Measures such as countersinking should be added when lifting at 45°, so that the bearing surface of the bolt or nut is in close contact with the counterpart. Secondly, add appropriate washers so that the directions of the two rings are in the same plane. The error (deflection) of this combination should be within 5 degrees from the plane containing the axis.
4. For the purpose of increasing the mechanical properties, when special steel and other materials are used and heat treated, the ductility becomes less, and it is easy to break before the overload and the ring is deformed, which is dangerous.