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  • Lifting Clutch for Erection Anchor assembly consists of a bail, clutch and curved bolt handle. To install, rotate the curved bolt to the opened position and insert the clutch into the recess. To lock onto the anchor, rotate the curved bolt handle until the handle contacts the panel surface.

  • The HDP Two hole anchor is effectively used for stripping panels from tilt tables and transporting panels. It is also a good choice in applications where spread-type anchors can’t be used and in panels constructed with lightweight concrete.

  • Hot dip Galvanized spread anchor is suitable for loads from 2.5T up to 26T and for use in both thin panels and plates.

  • Connector box loop with plastic plug is available in two versions, one Single Version & one Double Version including single & double wire rope loops respectively to ensure strength into the connection.

  • These hemispherical Magnet void former is a good and the fastest way to fix and position lifting pin anchor and build recess on the steel formwork.

  • Lifting loop with steel card with plastic card are suitable for use with either M or Rd sockets. Not recommended for lifts over 45°. See table for details specification, Lifting loop with steel card with plastic card is produced with wires, working load can up to 3 times, the Lifting loop with steel card with plastic card can work with fixing socket, surface can be zinc plated or hot dip galvanized.